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About Offstreet

Offstreet’s license plate-based parking validation software allows parking managers to digitize and easily manage paid parking exemptions at ungated lots and garages. Typical exemptions include merchant validations, special guests and visitors, and employee parking.

Our Values

Product First


If Offstreet isn't safe, secure, reliable, and solving real problems, we aren't doing our jobs

Customer Centric


Supporting our clients from the moment they consider Offstreet as a solution until long after they've been live

Always Learning


Our clients are the experts in parking; we're always learning from them

Our People

Matt Fahlman - Offstreet.png

Matt Fahlman

Co-Founder & CEO

Emma Ulmer - Offstreet.png

Emma Ulmer

Director of Marketing

Sydney Notschaele - Offstreet.png

Sydney Notschaele

Account Manager

Taylor Hahn - Offstreet.jpg

Taylor Hahn

Business Development Rep

Kyle Smyth - Offstreet.png

Kyle Smyth

Co-Founder & CTO

Melanie Lehrer - Offstreet.png

Melanie Lehrer

Product Manager

Imogen Rennie - Offstreet.png

Imogen Rennie

User Success Specialist

Patrick Ullrich - Offstreet.png

Patrick Ullrich

Principal Software Developer

Jodine Landman - Offstreet.png

Jodine Landman

Customer Success Manager

Rishabh Prasad - Offstreet.png

Rishabh Prasad

Software Developer

Our Team

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