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An easier way to manage event parking permits

Create an event link in as little as 1 minute! Great for all event types:

  • You can do anything we can, prepare to be fully autonomous
  • Unique permissions enable team members to create and report on events
  • Ensure events are configured correctly before sharing with guests

Seamless reporting for events makes billing back and tracking usage simple:

  • View upcoming, active, and past events
  • Attach a billing code
  • Track capacity and occupancy

After approving the event request, create the link in Offstreet and share with the host:

  • Event host shares link with guests through email or QR code
  • Guests can register in advance of the event or in real-time
  • A real-time API integration ensures all active plates are valid in enforcement

Trusted by more than
40 campuses

How SJSU used Offstreet for Spring Commencement

  • With over 6,000 guests in attendance, the event managed to
    ensure smooth parking sessions, avoiding any parking congestion.

Easy-to-manage event permits

Guest checkout
No download, account
creation, or payment info
Guest communication
Instructions, files and directions easily communicated via email
Allow guests to register for
parking in advance of the event
Unlimited configurations
Can be used for any department permit or special event needed
No transaction fees
No transaction fees on
complimentary/$0 permits
Secure permit links
Unique character strings and
the option to require codes