Supporting Universities in Their Mission to Go Fully Digital

Offstreet's parking management software enables university parking professionals to manage and enforce paid parking exemptions and groups with unique parking needs

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Simplify Management

Eliminate the manual processes associated with physical passes and spreadsheet entries

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Improve Client Experience

Provide clients with a custom experience, such as the ability to self-serve or register their parkers in advance

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Increase Patrol Accuracy

Increase revenue and efficiency without needing to flip between apps or pause enforcement

Offstreet is a Great Fit for Paid Parking Exemptions Such as...

Department Permits

Enable departments to self-manage their guest parking; all you do is bill back

Contractors & Guests

Give contractors and authorized guests a unique complimentary parking link

Staff & Student Permits

Create digital permits in bulk that sync with your enforcement software in real-time

Hear From Other University Professionals Who Switched to Offstreet


Katie Campbell

Associate Director for Data & Administration, Transportation & Parking Services, Old Dominion University

“Offstreet has provided us with a solution that meets our needs for validated parking on campus that we could not get anywhere else. The software is robust and easy to use and integrates well with our existing products...”


Cameron Neufeld

Director, Parking & Transportation at University of Manitoba

“The Offstreet team has been a pleasure to work with. Their system allowed us to resolve long standing visitor parking challenges, and their willingness to customize the program to our needs has been instrumental in its success.”

Seamless Integrations That Connect Other Technologies to Offstreet's Solution


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