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FPTA Conference & Trade Show

Palm Beach, FL

Dec. 6-9, 2022


Parking Industry Expo 2023

Schaumburg, IL

Mar. 28-30, 2023


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Dallas, TX

Apr. 10-13, 2023

A Bit About Us

Offstreet was founded in 2016 by Matt Fahlman and Kyle Smyth in Regina, SK. After a A+ try at "Airbnb for parking" they decided to pivot.

Working closely with private operators, it became apparent that validations were a headache and often halted the ability for operators to go fully digital with LPR enforcement.

Over the last 5 years Offstreet has become the most flexible validation tool on the market, enabling parking managers to offer an effective validation solution to their clients, as well as digitize their pad parking exemptions and parking edge cases.


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