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Changing the Game on Event Parking

Do you find the event parking process to be a hassle? Between offering validated parking, ensuring there are enough spaces available, managing the flow of traffic, and billing the organizers or hosts for the associated usage, it can be quite the process.

At Offstreet, we’re changing the game on that.

Improve the parking experience by enabling attendees to register for parking ahead of time.

Event guests may be traveling a ways to enjoy the event at your location, and they want the parking experience to be so good that they don’t even notice it. Offstreet’s event parking feature allows you to send custom parking registration links for each event, reducing traffic congestion and providing parkers with a seamless experience. They simply arrive, park, and enjoy the event!

Parking providers who choose Offstreet as their event parking solution notice:

  • Reduced administrative work by moving to a digital solution

  • No more long lineups at pay stations by enabling attendees to register in advance

  • Increased revenue by offering a pre-paid option

“... Offstreet has worked closely with our team to develop a custom solution for our event facilities and hotel clients who require parking reservations for various types of events – conferences, trade shows, weddings, and other private parties. The feedback we have received from our clients and their customers has been nothing but spectacular.” - Ron Horwitz, Account Manager at REEF Parking

Do you manage events with complex parking rules? Schedule a demo with Offstreet to see how this solution streamlines event parking management.


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