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Create A Registration Setting

  1. Log in to the Offstreet dashboard at

  2. Click on "Registration Settings" in the left-hand sidebar

  3. Click "Create" and select the location you would like to apply this setting to

  4. Fill out the setting name, enable in the portal, dashboard, or both

  5. Add and configure desired parking rules

  6. Click "Save"

Add Additional Information

  1. Toggle from General to Info

  2. Click "Create"

  3. Select whether or not this additional information will be in the format of text input or a drop-down menu

  4. Type the field label (ie., Name)

  5. Click "Create"

Add Pricing

  1. Toggle from General to Pricing

  2. Select the appropriate pricing type (ie., daily/nightly rate, flat rate, or rate table)

  3. Configure the pricing option

  4. Click "Save"

Apply The Setting To Tenant(s)

  1. Toggle from General to Tenant

  2. Select the tenants this registration will be applied to

  3. Click "Save"

For additional support, please contact the Offstreet support team at

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Meet With a Team Member to Discuss if Offstreet is a Good Fit for Your Location

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