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Digital Parking Permits - Major Upgrades!

Offstreet's latest feature enables organizations to self-manage their employee parking, among other benefits.


Offstreet's latest feature, permits, enables organizations to self-manage their employee parking, allows LPR enforcement to be fully utilized, and eliminates time spent managing free parking.

This month we are introducing some major upgrades.Introducing Scheduled and Punch Pass Permits!

Scheduled Permits allow you to schedule specific days and times per week over a custom time frame. I.e. Create a permit that’s active for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for Sept 1 - Dec 31.

Punch Pass Permits allow parkers to purchase parking credits in advance and redeem them on site as needed. Think of it like a reloadable public transit pass.

Both of these features are designed for organizations transitioning to a hybrid remote/office future, which we think is super exciting!

We’ve also introduced a robust permit based audit trail and we’ve integrated permits into our reporting features!


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