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How QR Codes Will Save You Time

QR codes are a simple way to enable parkers to register their own license plates - increasing efficiency and freeing up internal resources.


Did you know you can save time managing free parking by enabling visitors, residents, contractors, and other parkers to self-manage their plate registrations?

QR Codes enable parkers to easily register their vehicle for parking in just 1 or 2 steps, taking the onus off of the parking administrators.

A robust rules engine ensures compliance with your parking rules.

Some examples of how locations are using QR Codes:

  • Residential: code-based registration types are associated with each unit. With limited uses/month, residents are able to self-manage their guest parking.

  • Universities: code-based registration types are associated with different contractors. With limited uses/month, contractors are able to self-manage their parking.

  • Retail: guests register themselves for complimentary parking upon arrival at their destination.


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