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Maps Support V1

Offstreet's feature, Maps Support V1, allows administrators to display a link to a web-map in the Offstreet Portal, based on a location’s address.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved parker experience by providing them with a better visual understanding of the parking location, improving directional cues, and enabling efficient route planning for a frictionless parking experience

  • This is particularly important for guests registering in advance of arriving onsite (e.g., for events)

How It Works:

  1. To enable address support, administrators can navigate to the location details page in the Dashboard and toggle ‘Maps Support’ on

  2. Once enabled, the portal will display a ‘View Map’ button that links users to the location address in a web-mapping software

    1. iOS devices will open Apple Maps

    2. Android devices will open Google Maps

    3. Desktop will open Google Maps

Who Has Access to This Feature:

  • Any users with the ability to edit/read a location can enable map support for that lot

Additional Considerations:

  • One limitation of V1 is that a proper address is required, which doesn’t work for some lots (those which don’t have an address)

  • A solution (e.g., GPS coordinates/pin-dropping) is being considered for V2


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