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Offstreet’s Event Parking Solution

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

The most flexible tool, that directly integrates with enforcement software, to manage all complexities associated with event parking.


Offstreet’s new event parking solution improves visitor experience and increases parking efficiency associated with event parking.

“With so many parking validation solutions available in the parking industry, we choose to primarily work with Offstreet due to their robust software,

flexibility in providing solutions for different customer needs, and most of all their ability to create a seamless parking experience. Over the past year, Offstreet has worked closely with our team to develop a custom solution for our event facilities and hotel clients who require parking reservations for various types of events – conferences, trade shows, weddings, and other private parties. The feedback we have received from our clients and their customers has been nothing but spectacular.” - Ron Horwitz, Account Manager at REEF Parking

Offstreet’s robust rules engine accommodates the unique restrictions of each facility and event, allowing guests to register for parking in advance of the event while still providing the option to register upon arrival.

Offstreet provides the easiest solution for managing event parking:

  1. Event is created in Offstreet

  2. Unique parking registration link is generated

  3. Attendees can pre-register for parking or use the link upon arrival

  4. A unique code can be required for added security

Offstreet has API integrations with existing parking enforcement technology, allowing enforcement to accurately patrol.

Do you manage events with complex parking rules? Schedule a demo with Offstreet to see if this solution would be a good fit for your event parking management.


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