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Park Smarter, Not Harder at Aspen & Bow!

When it comes to providing a world class parking experience for residents and visitors at Aspen & Bow, utilizing Offstreet was an easy decision for the Diamond Parking team” - Edward Chuo, City Manager at Diamond Parking

Aspen & Bow is a luxury residential community located in the highly desirable neighborhood of Kensington in Calgary, Alberta. Residents expect an elevated experience, and nothing less from parking operations.

Aspen & Bow’s five-story building is located in a high traffic area; managing parking demand is critical. Diamond Parking understood the assignment and chose to utilize Offstreet to manage guest parking; ensuring there are enough spaces for guest parking and that the overall parking experience is seamless (some might even call it luxurious)!

Diamond Parking is the oldest parking company worldwide. Today, Diamond Parking is a multi-national corporation managing and operating parking at over 1,900 parking facilities throughout Canada and the United States.

In the summer of 2022, Diamond Parking took over parking management at Aspen & Bow. With the goal of creating a simple and easy parking experience for residents and guests, parking managers required a quick and easy method for guests to register for parking upon arrival.

Utilizing Offstreet’s flexible platform, Diamond Parking gave each unit a unique code that allows unit owners to self-manage parking by entering their guests’ license plates on their behalf through the Offstreet Portal, for a 24 hour period, up to 7 times a month. The code usage is automatically reset at the end of every calendar month, making this solution simple and hands-off for parking management.

Implementing Offstreet at Aspen & Bow has resulted in a better parking experience for everyone involved. Residents can easily provide their guests with simple parking options, guests no longer need to worry about receiving tickets, and Diamond Parking is able to manage and enforce parking with license plate data being sent to the enforcement team in real-time.

Visitor parking can be a complex issue for parking managers, but with digital technology solutions, it is possible to maintain security and control over validations.


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