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Streamline your validation program with QR codes!

QR codes are a quick, contactless way to register for parking. Are you using them or interested in using them for your validation program?

We’re seeing an enormous uptick in the use of QR codes, and for good reason! Most people are familiar with how they work and feel a sense of comfort when they see one.

Utilizing Offstreet’s flexible and customizable rules engine, parking administrators are providing a way for parkers to register their own vehicles - taking the onus off of them and providing a great experience for the parker.

Some of the most popular ways Offstreet QR codes are being used for parking validations today:

  • Overnight guest parking at residential locations

    • Code-based registration settings are associated with each unit. With limited uses/month, residents are able to self-manage their guest parking!

  • Departmental validations at Universities

    • Departments are able to self-manage their guest parking - registering guests in advance or in real time.

  • Complimentary parking at retail or mixed-use locations

    • Guests register themselves for complimentary parking upon arrival at their destination - extra rules allow managers to ensure this privilege can only be used once per day. Operators can easily bill businesses back based on usage.

Ready to streamline your validation process? Meet with an Offstreet team member today to see if it would be a good fit at your location!


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