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Success Spotlight: Offstreet Deployment at Lot 41 - Centreview

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Lot 41 - Centreview is a mixed-use property managed by REEF, a company that specializes in managing parking facilities for commercial and residential properties. The property is located in a bustling area and offers a variety of amenities, including a large gym, health clinic, and office space. With 400 stalls, the property required a parking management solution that could handle both residential and commercial parking needs.

The Challenge

REEF was struggling with the cumbersome process of managing validations and free customer parking at Lot 41. They were using spreadsheets and administering decals, which was time-consuming and inefficient. In addition, they wanted to implement license plate recognition (LPR) enforcement, but their current process was not capable of supporting it.

The Solution

Offstreet offered a solution to REEF's operational challenges; helping REEF manage validations and free customer parking at Lot 41, saving them time and eliminating the need for decals and spreadsheets. Offstreet provided a flexible validation option for REEF and the tenants at Lot 41, allowing them to seamlessly administer short-term validations as well as long-term employee parking utilizing a virtual permit software.

To support LPR enforcement, Offstreet provided an API integration that automatically sent parking data to enforcement officers in the field. This integration allowed REEF to implement and fully utilize LPR enforcement, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of their patrol.

The Results

REEF saw significant improvements in their parking management operations after deploying Offstreet. According to Jacob Grocott, Operations Manager at REEF, "Offstreet has greatly improved our ability to manage validations and free parking at our lots. The integration sends data in real-time and increases the efficiency and accuracy of our patrol."

Through its partnership with Offstreet, REEF was able to streamline its parking management operations, saving time and eliminating the need for decals and spreadsheets.


The deployment of Offstreet at Lot 41 - Centreview is an example of how technology can simplify and streamline parking management operations. Offstreet's solution provided REEF with a flexible validation option and an API integration that enabled LPR enforcement. As a result, REEF was able to save time, increase efficiency, and improve accuracy of their parking management operations.


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