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Departmental Validations at the University of Manitoba

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

This partnership will allow the U of M to better utilize LPR enforcement and save time managing validations and complimentary parking.


Offstreet is proud to announce our deployment with the University of Manitoba - a post secondary institute in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.

“We had been searching for a customer-friendly validation system that satisfied our needs, and Offstreet has exceeded our expectations. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and our partners on campus have raved about the simplicity and efficiency of validating visitor parkers virtually, from their work stations, removing all need for physical permits.” - Cameron Neufeld, Director of Parking & Transportation

We're helping the U of M integrate department special guest parking with LPR enforcement. By moving to an online validation platform, the U of M has been able to increase efficiency by eliminating decals and spreadsheets.

When arriving on site, department administrators can create registrations on behalf of guests, or enable them to register their own vehicle through a unique link. After the license plate is entered, parking session data is automatically sent to the enforcement officers in the field through a secure, real time API integration.

This partnership will allow the U of M to better utilize LPR enforcement as well as free up internal resources that were previously spent managing validations and complimentary parking for department guests.

We are extremely excited to continue our partnership with the University of Manitoba and look forward to helping them simplify their operations.


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