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We're Growing!

At Offstreet, we take pride in our commitment to providing flexible, user-friendly parking solutions that prioritize reliability and ease of use. As we continue to grow, we're thrilled to introduce three amazing new team members who share our values and bring a wealth of experience and talent to the table.

Patrick Ullrich, our new Principal Software Developer, joins with almost a decade of experience in a wide range of languages and frameworks. He's a true coding whiz and never fails to impress us with his skills and passion for his work. Patricks prior experience in healthcare and digital identity helps Offstreet to continue to scale while prioritizing reliability for our customers.

Jodine Landman is our new Customer Success Manager. With a long history of success in client services and a can-do attitude that inspires positivity and solutions-focused thinking, Jodine is the perfect person to help our customers achieve their goals. Fun fact: Jodine originally hails from South Africa and has been loving life in Canada for nearly three years!

Brett Mayson joins as our new Full Stack Software Developer. With experience in a range of languages and technologies, including Rust, Kubernetes, and TypeScript, Brett brings a wealth of expertise to our team that will help us continue building the best product possible. In his spare time, Brett volunteers at a local computer camp (shaping the next generation of software whizs)!

With these three talented individuals on board, we're more excited than ever to keep innovating, improving, and making parking as hassle-free as possible.


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