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  • Considering Parking Validation Software? Here’s The Scoop!

    In today's fast-paced world, parking has become a pressing concern for both parking managers and parkers. Limited parking spaces, rising costs, and the need for seamless operations have paved the way for innovative, technology based solutions. Digital parking operations are quickly becoming not just the way of the future, but the way of the present. One challenge with this – parking operations are often complex and extremely nuanced. Specifically, many parking managers run into challenges finding a digital solution that works for each of their permit types. The rules and restrictions are often highly unique, making it difficult to find a “one size fits all” solution. One way parking managers are choosing to fill this gap is by utilizing parking validation software, a technology that has allowed parking managers to digitize their more nuanced permit types. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of parking validation software, its benefits, and how it is transforming the parking experience for parking managers and parkers alike. Understanding Parking Validation Software Parking validation software is a powerful tool designed to simplify and streamline the parking process. In a campus environment, it enables departments, health clinics, admissions offices, and more to offer complimentary parking to their guests and for small events. In a commercial environment it enables businesses, such as restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and entertainment venues, to offer parking validations to their customers. With this software, parkers can enjoy discounted or free parking based on specific criteria, such as making a purchase, staying at a hotel, or attending an event. How Does Parking Validation Software Work? Parking validation software integrates with parking management systems, making it easier to track and validate parking transactions. Similar to other data sources, such as mobile pay apps or permit management solutions, parking validations are sent to enforcement software in real time to ensure efficient and uninterrupted parking enforcement. When a parker arrives at a participating location, their parking session can be validated in a variety of ways, depending on the organization and what works best for them. In some cases, parkers scan a QR code and create a validated parking session for themselves. In other situations, organizations may create parking validations on behalf of their guests, in which case all that’s required of the guest is to park in the designated area. For events, unique parking registration links may be sent to attendees, allowing them to create a validated parking session and view the parking location on a map in advance of the event. Benefits of Parking Validation Software: Enhanced Parker Experience: One of the primary benefits of parking validation software is the convenience it offers to parkers. Being able to provide parkers with a digital validation solution in the palm of their hands is a much better experience than requiring them to obtain a physical pass or decal, or enter a coupon code into a meter or pay station. Parking validation software makes the overall experience more seamless and enjoyable. Efficient Parking Management: Parking validation software simplifies the parking management process by automating validations and the tracking of parking transactions. Not only does this reduce manual errors, it also allows parking managers to focus their resources on higher-level initiatives and providing excellent service. Increased Footfall and Revenue: By offering parking validation, businesses attract more customers who might otherwise choose competitors without such benefits. This can lead to increased footfall, higher customer retention, and ultimately, improved revenue. Marketing and Customer Loyalty Opportunities: Parking validation software can be used as a marketing tool to engage customers and build loyalty. By offering targeted promotions or discounts through the validation process, businesses can incentivize repeat visits and build stronger relationships with their customer base. Data-Driven Insights: Parking validation software generates valuable data on parker behavior, including parking duration, frequency, and preferences. This data can be analyzed to gain insights into parker patterns and make informed decisions regarding pricing, operational improvements, and marketing strategies. Explore the Potential That Parking Validation Software Has to Offer Parking validation software is a game-changer in the parking industry, offering numerous benefits to parking managers and parkers alike. With its ability to streamline parking operations, improve the customer experience, and drive revenue growth, this technology has become a must-have for parking managers looking to stand out and provide a top-notch experience in today's competitive landscape. By embracing parking validation software, parking managers can transform parking validations from a headache into a hassle-free and value-added service, creating a win-win situation for everyone.

  • Streamlining the Campus Guest Parking Experience at SUNY Cortland

    Offstreet is proud to announce its recent deployment with Auxiliary Services Corporation of SUNY Cortland (Cortland Auxiliary) – a not-for-profit organization that partners exclusively with the State University of New York at Cortland to provide business services to the greater Cortland community. “Offstreet has been everything we needed it to be. Being able to easily give our temporary employees and departments nearby parking has been amazing! Seriously alleviates a pain point that we’ve ALWAYS had.” - Dan Condon, Assistant Director, Cortland Auxiliary. Like many other post-secondary institutions, Cortland Auxiliary aims to have a fully digital parking program, eliminating the use of physical parking passes. Despite transitioning to LPR enforcement and implementing virtual permits for most use cases, it lacked a solution for department guests and temporary employees. Maintaining physical passes for these use cases added to the workload for the parking team and hindered its ability to enforce with LPR. Using Offstreet’s highly flexible validation software, Cortland Auxiliary can integrate its event, department, program and special-guest parking with license plate-based enforcement, eliminating the need for physical passes and increasing operational efficiency. Departments can create registrations on behalf of guests or provide them with a unique link to register their vehicles for parking upon arrival. After the license plate is entered, parking session data is sent to enforcement officers in the field via a secure API integration with their enforcement software. This partnership will allow Cortland Auxiliary to better utilize LPR enforcement and save time managing validations and complimentary parking on campus. We are extremely excited to continue our partnership with Cortland Auxiliary and look forward to supporting the institution in its transition to frictionless parking operations.

  • Maps Support V1

    Offstreet's feature, Maps Support V1, allows administrators to display a link to a web-map in the Offstreet Portal, based on a location’s address. Benefits Include: Improved parker experience by providing them with a better visual understanding of the parking location, improving directional cues, and enabling efficient route planning for a frictionless parking experience This is particularly important for guests registering in advance of arriving onsite (e.g., for events) How It Works: To enable address support, administrators can navigate to the location details page in the Dashboard and toggle ‘Maps Support’ on Once enabled, the portal will display a ‘View Map’ button that links users to the location address in a web-mapping software iOS devices will open Apple Maps Android devices will open Google Maps Desktop will open Google Maps Who Has Access to This Feature: Any users with the ability to edit/read a location can enable map support for that lot Additional Considerations: One limitation of V1 is that a proper address is required, which doesn’t work for some lots (those which don’t have an address) A solution (e.g., GPS coordinates/pin-dropping) is being considered for V2

  • Offstreet For Campuses: Solving Guest Parking Challenges

    Like any good thing, the road to more efficient parking operations is paved with challenges, and a unique set of challenges seem to erupt from guest parking. In conversations with partners and campuses across North America, we’re hearing a number of guest parking factors consistently stumping parking managers and creating a roadblock in their path to a fully digital, and one day, frictionless, campus. The Challenges Challenge #1: Administering Guest Permits It’s not uncommon for departments on campus to request validated or complimentary parking for their guests. In some cases, departments want to pay for the parking of a guest lecturer. In others, departments want to provide parking for a special event, such as a group of VIP’s coming to campus for a lunch meeting. Providing departments and their guests with a seamless virtual permit, that doesn’t require the parker to enter any payment information, is a major challenge for most campuses. Because of this, many campus parking operations are still relying on traditional processes, such as coupon codes or physical passes, to administer guest permits. Challenge #2: Most Guest Permits Are Highly Unique In a lot of cases, the reason campuses decide to maintain their traditional process for guest permits isn’t because it’s an ideal solution - it’s because each use case is highly unique and it’s difficult to find a solution that can accommodate different types of guest permits. For instance, contractors may be authorized to park anywhere on campus, but only for a 6 month period and only 5 vehicles can be on campus at a time. This may differ from department guests who are restricted to parking in a specific location. Challenge #3: Implementing New Solutions Isn’t Quick & Easy There’s a lot that goes into the implementation of a new solution. Between doing research, scheduling calls, setting up demos and then submitting requests to purchasing and going through procurement, the process for adding new vendors isn’t always quick. Not to mention additional considerations such as change management, creating department buy-in, updating marketing and communications, onboarding, and more. Unfortunately, this is always going to be a challenge when making changes. That being said, it’s totally worth it for the right solution. Speaking of, how do you come to the right solution? Let’s talk about the path forward and possible solutions for the guest parking challenges many campuses are facing. The Path Forward Solution #1: Status-Quo If the administrative lift to implement a new solution is too daunting, campuses parking operations can choose to carry on with their current processes. This is typically a short-term solution as it will prevent an increase in operational efficiency long-term. Solution #2: Explore Options With An Existing Vendor If maintaining the status-quo isn’t an option, many campuses will explore the options available to them through their existing vendors. At Offstreet, we’re big believers in deriving as much value as we can out of a single product, but it’s not always possible. When moving forward with this solution, parking managers are usually settling for a “workaround” or incomplete solution that doesn’t solve all of the challenges listed above and/or ends up hindering the parker experience. Solution #3: Explore A New Solution Let’s face it, technology is disrupting the parking industry, as it is with many others, and there are a lot of options out there when it comes to exploring new solutions. As discussed in the sections above, guest parking on campuses presents a pretty unique set of challenges, so ensuring the new solution can accommodate those needs is critical. We recommend finding a specialized solution and working with companies that are open to bringing in these kinds of partners. In our experience, being everything to everyone doesn’t always result in the best solutions. Offstreet for Campuses Picture this - it's 2019 and your campus is bustling with students and staff, and your lots are pretty full at any given time. Susan, who's been with your department for 20 years, is tired of managing physical passes and dealing with all the day-to-day requests that seem to come up, preventing her from getting other tasks done. You've been discussing implementing technology and exploring new processes, but it's time to take it a step further and make the investment. Fast forward to today - you've already implemented digital enforcement, whether it's LPR cameras, using a digital enforcement app, or both. Major use cases, such as students and staff, public parking, etc. have transitioned to virtual permits, but there are still a handful of use cases you haven’t been able to find a solution for. That's where Offstreet comes in. Our one-click virtual permit solution makes it easy to provide a virtual permit for any use case on campus where the parker is not paying for the session. Maybe the department wants to sponsor a guest speaker, or contractors are entitled to 5 vehicles on campus at any given time for a 6-month project. It's all handled seamlessly through Offstreet - no downloading an app or entering payment information required. We aren’t exaggerating when we say it can be as little as 1 click to create a virtual permit! Offstreet's goal is to make university parking operations more efficient; solving the real challenges you face when transitioning to digital operations. A real-time API integration means you can fully utilize LPR enforcement and increase operational efficiency. And let's not forget Susan - she'll love Offstreet. So, if you're ready to take your university parking operations to the next level, give Offstreet a try. We're here to support your mission for a fully digital operation. Interested in learning more? Schedule a call with an Offstreet team member today!

  • We're Growing!

    At Offstreet, we take pride in our commitment to providing flexible, user-friendly parking solutions that prioritize reliability and ease of use. As we continue to grow, we're thrilled to introduce three amazing new team members who share our values and bring a wealth of experience and talent to the table. Patrick Ullrich, our new Principal Software Developer, joins with almost a decade of experience in a wide range of languages and frameworks. He's a true coding whiz and never fails to impress us with his skills and passion for his work. Patricks prior experience in healthcare and digital identity helps Offstreet to continue to scale while prioritizing reliability for our customers. Jodine Landman is our new Customer Success Manager. With a long history of success in client services and a can-do attitude that inspires positivity and solutions-focused thinking, Jodine is the perfect person to help our customers achieve their goals. Fun fact: Jodine originally hails from South Africa and has been loving life in Canada for nearly three years! Brett Mayson joins as our new Full Stack Software Developer. With experience in a range of languages and technologies, including Rust, Kubernetes, and TypeScript, Brett brings a wealth of expertise to our team that will help us continue building the best product possible. In his spare time, Brett volunteers at a local computer camp (shaping the next generation of software whizs)! With these three talented individuals on board, we're more excited than ever to keep innovating, improving, and making parking as hassle-free as possible.

  • Technology Solutions for Modern Parking Challenges

    Over the past few weeks, Offstreet has shone the spotlight on innovative professionals who are shaping the future of parking. These partners have collaborated with Offstreet to make parking operations more efficient, both for themselves and the end user. Offstreet has been proud to work on unique use cases, such as the Calgary Stampede, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Aspen & Bow, to offer customized solutions that aren't considered "one size fits all". Offstreet is committed to providing solutions that help parking managers navigate the complexity of parking operations and adopt technology that enhances the parker experience. Parking managers utilize Offstreet to digitize paid parking exemptions, often requiring a unique solution. Through Offstreet, parking professionals have had great success: Calgary Stampede Attendees no longer fear the parking experience, resulting in higher attendee satisfaction. REEF Calgary can also manage and enforce parking more efficiently than if they were to use cash and tickets. Read more here! Notre Dame Cathedral Utilizing Offstreet's validation software, visitors and guests of the Notre-Dame Cathedral no longer have to worry about receiving tickets, and REEF Ottawa can simply manage and enforce parking with data being sent to enforcement in real-time. Read more here! Aspen & Bow By implementing Offstreet, residents can easily provide their guests with simple parking options, and guests no longer need to worry about receiving tickets. Diamond Parking can also manage and enforce parking with license plate data being sent to the enforcement team in real-time. Read more here! Offstreet is dedicated to helping parking managers overcome the challenges of parking operations and offer a better parker experience. By implementing technology solutions, it is possible to maintain security and control over validations. If you're interested in improving your parking operations with technology solutions, contact an Offstreet team member today to see if it would be a good fit for your location.

  • Gear Up For an Exciting Look at the Future of Offstreet: Q1 Release Notes and Refreshed UI Rollout

    We're thrilled to announce our Q1 releases and a note on the upcoming phased rollout of our refreshed dashboard interface. But first, a highlight of our favourite features this quarter. New Features Deliver Helpful Direction With Location Based Map Support As an administrator, you now have the ability to display a link to a web-map, directly in your portal. This improves your guests’ experience by providing parkers with a better visual understanding of the parking location, improving directional cues and enabling efficient route planning for a frictionless parking experience. Share Custom Messaging With Your Parkers You can display driver instructions tailored to specific tenants, allowing you to provide unique and customized information to each tenant. We want to deliver the most relevant information to drivers, and give them reassurance that they have all of the context they need to park confidently. Whether you're managing a large institutional property or a small residential complex, this update is designed to make driver communications more effective. Flexible Payment Settings Supports Custom Taxes & Fees Our payment settings allow you to apply the appropriate taxes and/or fees for your state or province. This means that you'll have more control over how taxes and fees are displayed to parkers who use the portal to pay for parking. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily see a breakdown of taxes and fees for each transaction, giving you greater transparency and control. New Reporting Menu Our goal with this update was to make it easier for administrators to find location and tenant information in one place. To achieve this, we've implemented a multi-select dropdown menu that allows you to search for locations and tenants, rather than scanning through a long list of radio boxes. Whether you're a property manager or an operations team member, this update is designed to make pulling reports easier and more efficient. Offstreet Dashboard: Big changes are on the way! At Offstreet, our goal is to simplify parking, which is why we’re rolling out a refresh to make managing parking even easier. Over the next few months, you’ll notice gradual changes to pages in Offstreet’s dashboard. All the features you know and love will remain, along with some exciting improvements. These include a cleaner interface, improved reporting, enhanced white-labeling, translation options and more! Rollout Rapid Release (you won't need to reach out and request access to the new dashboard) Gradual Rollout starting in April 2023 Availability Available to all Dashboard Users Any questions or feedback? Reach out to us here!

  • Park Smarter, Not Harder at Aspen & Bow!

    “When it comes to providing a world class parking experience for residents and visitors at Aspen & Bow, utilizing Offstreet was an easy decision for the Diamond Parking team” - Edward Chuo, City Manager at Diamond Parking Aspen & Bow is a luxury residential community located in the highly desirable neighborhood of Kensington in Calgary, Alberta. Residents expect an elevated experience, and nothing less from parking operations. Aspen & Bow’s five-story building is located in a high traffic area; managing parking demand is critical. Diamond Parking understood the assignment and chose to utilize Offstreet to manage guest parking; ensuring there are enough spaces for guest parking and that the overall parking experience is seamless (some might even call it luxurious)! Diamond Parking is the oldest parking company worldwide. Today, Diamond Parking is a multi-national corporation managing and operating parking at over 1,900 parking facilities throughout Canada and the United States. In the summer of 2022, Diamond Parking took over parking management at Aspen & Bow. With the goal of creating a simple and easy parking experience for residents and guests, parking managers required a quick and easy method for guests to register for parking upon arrival. Utilizing Offstreet’s flexible platform, Diamond Parking gave each unit a unique code that allows unit owners to self-manage parking by entering their guests’ license plates on their behalf through the Offstreet Portal, for a 24 hour period, up to 7 times a month. The code usage is automatically reset at the end of every calendar month, making this solution simple and hands-off for parking management. Implementing Offstreet at Aspen & Bow has resulted in a better parking experience for everyone involved. Residents can easily provide their guests with simple parking options, guests no longer need to worry about receiving tickets, and Diamond Parking is able to manage and enforce parking with license plate data being sent to the enforcement team in real-time. Visitor parking can be a complex issue for parking managers, but with digital technology solutions, it is possible to maintain security and control over validations.

  • Offstreet Closes Seed Funding Round!

    [REGINA, SK, MARCH 22, 2023] - Offstreet today announced the closing of a $1.2M seed round. This fundraising round involved participation from new and existing investors, including a first place win at the StartupTNT Investment Summit VI. “We're thrilled to announce that we've closed our latest funding round from some of the top investors in the industry. This investment will enable us to scale our team, accelerate our product development, and expand our reach to new markets,” says Matt Fahlman, Co-Founder and CEO at Offstreet. “We're grateful for the support of our investors, the trust from our customers, and the hard work from our team. We're excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to build the industry's best parking validation solution. Although the capital is nice, we know the only long-term competitive advantage is building a world class product. We have a lot of work to do and are extremely excited about the future and what we can accomplish in the parking industry!” Offstreet was founded in 2016 by Matt Fahlman and Kyle Smyth in Regina, SK. Working closely with private parking operators, it became apparent that validations were a major pain point and prevented operators from going fully digital with LPR enforcement. Over the last 5 years Offstreet has become the most flexible validation tool on the market that services over 500 parking lots. Offstreet enables parking managers to offer an effective validation solution to clients, as well as digitize paid parking exemptions. About Offstreet Offstreet’s license plate-based parking validation software allows parking managers to digitize and easily manage paid parking exemptions at ungated lots and garages. Typical exemptions include merchant validations, special guests and visitors, and employee parking. For information and media requests please contact: Emma Ulmer Manager, Marketing

  • Park Smarter, Not Harder at the Notre Dame Cathedral!

    The Notre Dame Cathedral is a perfect example of how technology can be utilized to make parking simple; a combination of being located in a high traffic area, close to the University of Ottawa, and offering visitors complimentary parking makes the Notre-Dame Cathedral a great location to spotlight for the Park Smarter, Not Harder campaign. Designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1990, the Notre Dame Cathedral is the largest and oldest standing church in Ottawa. While offering daily masses, the Notre Dame Cathedral is also open to private prayer, visitations, and events such as funerals, weddings, or other liturgical celebrations. When REEF Ottawa took over the parking operations of Notre Dame Cathedral in 2020, they saw an opportunity to simplify the parking experience for visitors. The goal was simple: implement technology solutions that make parking easy, enforcement seamless, and provide a great experience for everyone involved. To achieve the goal of putting the parker first and creating a seamless solution, REEF Ottawa implemented Offstreet at the Notre Dame Cathedral. Knowing all the different groups of people that park at the Notre Dame Cathedral, REEF utilized Offstreet’s portal to validate visitors and volunteers through two kiosks in highly accessible areas; Notre Dame’s Parish Hall and the Archbishops Residence, to offer complimentary 3 hour and 24 hour parking. Creating accessibility for all visitors and demographics was a major consideration for this project. Kiosks are easy-to-use tablets that allow visitors to register for complimentary parking, without requiring a phone to scan a QR code or enter in a link. This takes the onus off of the Notre Dame Cathedral, as there is no need to hire staff or request volunteers to manage parking. Brian Manning, Account Manager with REEF Ottawa, had this to say about the experience with Offstreet: "Notre Dame Cathedral provided the first opportunity for Impark to introduce this new validation technology in the Ottawa Market. The system has proven to be both easy to introduce to the property, and easy to use for our clients and customers. The flexibility of the Offstreet Solution has made this our go to validation recommendation to our existing and prospective client group." As a result, the Notre Dame Cathedral can be visited and enjoyed by all. Utilizing Offstreet’s validation software, the Notre Dame Cathedral does not need to worry about their visitors or guests receiving tickets, and REEF Ottawa is able to simply manage and enforce parking with data being sent to enforcement in real time.

  • Park Smarter, Not Harder: Calgary Stampede

    Grab your boots, grab your hats, Calgary's where the party's at! Join us in the front seat as we kick off the Park Smarter, Not Harder campaign with none other than REEF Calgary’s use of Offstreet for Calgary Stampede. Calgary Stampede is a 10 day event in Calgary, AB, Canada that attracts visitors from around the world. With a rodeo, live entertainment, shopping, and more, traffic is flowing all day and night. Imagine that it’s a beautiful week in July, you’ve planned a weekend of fun with close friends or family, maybe even dusted off your cowboy boots, and you’re ready to kick off Stampede (as the locals call it). Everything’s great - except the idea of parking. Nobody wants to drive because nobody wants to deal with parking! Sound familiar? We've all been victims of a poor parking experience at least one time in our lives. Luckily, REEF Calgary is changing the game on that. Formerly known as Impark, REEF Calgary has been at the forefront of the digital parking revolution since 2016. After taking over the parking operations for Calgary Stampede in 2021, REEF has implemented technology solutions to increase parking accessibility and provide a great experience. Numerous demographics attend Stampede; creating accessibility for paid parking options was a priority. REEF Calgary needed a digital, plate-based solution for registering vehicles that had already paid using a point of sale (POS) system. Ideally, the solution would integrate with their LPR enforcement software so that enforcement was uninterrupted. Utilizing Offstreet, REEF Calgary was able to seamlessly accommodate this. Cashiers had access to Offstreet and could create a virtual permit for anyone choosing to pay for parking with cash at the booth. The result? Attendees no longer fear the parking experience, the event benefits from higher attendee satisfaction, and REEF Calgary is able to manage and enforce parking more efficiently than if they were to use cash and tickets. Here’s what Senior Operations Manager, Vernon Ma, had to say about the experience using Offstreet: "With the Offstreet validations, we realize the potential to never go back to cash and tickets again." REEF Calgary's innovative approach to parking has the potential to revolutionize the industry, making it easier and more convenient for everyone involved. Stay tuned for next week's post to learn about how Offstreet is used in the vacation house market for AirBnb guests!

  • Park Smarter, Not Harder: Spotlighting the Movers and Shakers Who Are Shaping the Future

    The world of parking is changing, and it's not just about paid or free parking anymore. The rise of technology has brought about new opportunities to enhance the parker experience and increase efficiency. However, with these opportunities comes increased complexity in parking operations. That's where Offstreet comes in. Offstreet is a product-focused, customer-centric solution that reduces complexity for parking managers. By being flexible, Offstreet can adapt to the unique needs of each parking operation, making the adoption of technology a more seamless experience. Over the next several weeks, Offstreet will be spotlighting innovative professionals who are shaping the future of parking. These professionals have partnered with Offstreet to adopt technology solutions that make their parking operations more efficient. With solutions for unique use cases like AirBnb and Calgary Stampede, Offstreet has worked with some incredible partners. At Offstreet, we believe that there is no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to parking. We're dedicated to helping parking managers navigate the complexity of parking operations and adopt technology that enhances the parker experience. So buckle up and stay tuned for more - we'll make sure you have a spot reserved!

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