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Virtual permits for
department guests

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Easier for everyone, here's how it works

Simplify operations

  • Event request form is received
  • Event is configured in offstreet
  • Link is shared with department/host
  • Invoice is created
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Easy to manage

  • Submit event request form
  • Receive unique event link
  • Share link with guests
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Easy to register

  • Receive event link
  • Create permit
  • Access important information (instructions, directions, files, and more)
  • Park and proceed to event
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The pay station problem:
Cal Poly’s experience
switching to virtual permits for departments

  • Up to 90% time saved for all stakeholders

  • Less than 10 seconds to create a permit

  • Increased lot utilization and flexibility

Designed for universities

Guest checkout
No app download, account creation or payment information required
Easily communicate critical information - custom instructions, directions, and files
Unlimited options
Custom permit configurations for any department or special event need
Admin control
Admins have total control over the account and can add users as desired

Integrating directly with existing vendors

Takuto Doshiro
Manager, Business Services
Public Safety, Cal Poly

“Every group we have pitched this to so far is super excited. Offstreet has been a game changer for our campus. Departments/colleges/clubs will save SIGNIFICANT time in sponsoring their guests as they do not need to rely on our department. The overall reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Using Offstreet gave us our time back. We now have capacity and the internal resources to focus our efforts on other priorities.”

Andy Stewart
Associate Director
Transportation and Parking Services, UCR

"Having a parking session go smoothly is extremely valuable to us. We trust Offstreet to create that seamless experience for our campus guests. I'm not typically someone who like using different vendors for different use cases, but in Offstreet's case, nobody is doing what they are doing, let alone with the level of service and care that they're doing it with."

Cameron Neufeld
Director, Parking and Transportation
University of Manitoba

“We had been searching for a customer-friendly validation system that satisfied our needs, and Offstreet has exceeded our expectations. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and our partners on campus have raved about the simplicity and efficiency of validating visitor parkers virtually, from their work stations, removing all need for physical permits.”