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Join us for a deep dive into our latest product feature, Offstreet Events, designed to streamline event parking management.


Learn how Offstreet Events simplifies event setup, improves data accuracy, and increases revenue potential for parking managers.


We'll also showcase how Offstreet Events integrates seamlessly with your current operations.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the game and take your event parking management to the next level. Register now to secure your spot!

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Streamline Event Parking with Offstreet Events

Thursday, July 27th   |   1:00pm EST / 11:00am CST

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Here's What We're Covering:

Feature Overview

Get an exclusive first look at Offstreet Events as we dive into the key functionalities and benefits it offers for event parking management.


Learn how Offstreet Events can streamline your operations, increase revenue, and enhance the overall parking experience for attendees.

Live Product Demo

Witness the power of Offstreet Events in action through a live product demonstration.


Our skilled presenters will guide you through the intuitive interface, highlighting key features and functionalities that make event parking management a breeze.

Interactive Q&A

We value your feedback and understand the importance of addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

Our panel of experts will host an interactive Q&A session, giving you the opportunity to seek clarification, gather insights, and gain valuable tips from our experienced team.

Emma Ulmer - Offstreet.png


Emma Ulmer

Director of Marketing, Offstreet

Emma is a driven marketing professional with a focus on B2B software and technology. Since joining Offstreet, she has quickly made an impact as the leader of the marketing team. Emma brings a fresh perspective and a passion for innovative solutions that optimize performance and drive growth. Her eagerness to learn more about the parking industry and connect with professionals in the field ensures that she can effectively understand and address the unique challenges of event parking management.

Matt Fahlman - Offstreet.png


Matt Fahlman

Co-Founder & CEO, Offstreet

Matt is a visionary leader who Co-Founded Offstreet with a strong passion for software engineering, product development, and strategic planning. As CEO, he has quickly made an impact in driving innovation and growth strategy for the company. Matt places a strong emphasis on the customer being the expert of their operations, and his ability to listen and understand their needs has played a crucial role in shaping the development of the Offstreet Events solution.

Melanie Lehrer - Offstreet.png

Melanie Lehrer

Product Manager, Offstreet

Melanie is a dedicated product manager with a strong passion for B2B software and technology. In her role at Offstreet, she has embraced the challenge of developing and enhancing the Offstreet Events solution. Melanie's background in consulting and technology has enabled her to quickly grasp the intricacies of the parking industry and design a solution that meets the needs of parking managers. Her commitment to continuous learning and delivering impactful solutions drives her to stay ahead of industry trends and provide the best possible product for our customers.

Universities Choose Offstreet to Improve Guest Parking on Campus


Katie Campbell

Associate Director for Data & Administration, Transportation & Parking Services, Old Dominion University

“Offstreet has provided us with a solution that meets our needs for validated parking on campus that we could not get anywhere else. The software is robust and easy to use and integrates well with our existing products...”


Cameron Neufeld

Director, Parking & Transportation at University of Manitoba

“The Offstreet team has been a pleasure to work with. Their system allowed us to resolve long standing visitor parking challenges, and their willingness to customize the program to our needs has been instrumental in its success.”

University of Connecticut Parking Management Software.png
University of Houston Parking Management Software.png
University of Manitoba Parking Management Software.png
Washington University in St. Louis Parking Management Software.png
UC Riverside Logo - Offstreet Partner.png
University of Wisconsin La Crosse Parking Management Software.png
University of the Fraser Valley Parking Management Software.png
Langara College Parking Management Software.png
BCIT Parking Management Software.png
Seattle University Parking Management Software.png
Old Dominion University Parking Management Software.png
College of New Caledonia Parking Management Software.png
University of Miami Parking Management Software.png
University of California San Francisco Parking Management Software.png
SUNY Cortland Parking Management Software.png

...and more!

Ready To Streamline Event Parking?

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the game and take your event parking management to the next level.

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