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6,000+ Happy Parkers for SJSU's Spring Commencement

San Jose State University’s Spring Commencement is one of the most significant events of the academic year, drawing thousands of graduates, their families, and friends to the campus.


SJSU needed a streamlined, efficient parking solution to handle the high volume of vehicles while providing a positive experience for all attendees.


Eric Cross

SJSU Logo.png

Parking Manager

San Jose State University, Parking Services

“Offstreet’s solution for our Spring Commencement was a game-changer. The ability to offer customized options and clear directions made a significant difference in managing such a large event. Our guests were happier, and the entire process was much smoother.”


Previously, SJSU used an existing vendor's event module; it did not offer a seamless parking experience during the multi-day commencement event. Primary challenges included:

Poor Guest Experience

Required guests to enter unnecessary information, such as their vehicle make and model, colour, etc.

Administrative Burden

Correcting incorrect registrations, issuing refunds, and reversing citations created extra work for the parking team

Traffic Management

Lacked the ability to easily direct guests to park in certain garages, control capacity, and manage the flow of traffic to and from campus


SJSU Spring Commencement.gif

Designed for Guests

Guests are only required to enter their license plate number and payment information, creating a seamless experience


Includes unique directions and custom messaging for each parking option, ensuring guests receive accurate information tailored to their needs

Traffic Management

Allows SJSU to cap the maximum number of active registrations for each garage, preventing overbooking and ensuring efficient use of parking resources


A Tailored Solution That Surpassed Expectations

Seamless Experiences

Guests appreciated the ability to select their specific ceremony and parking garage, as well as receiving tailored directions and information

Operational Efficiency

The cap on active registrations ensured efficient use of parking spaces, preventing overcrowding and reducing traffic congestion

Positive Feedback

The streamlined process led to positive feedback from attendees and staff, with many noting the improved ease and efficiency compared to previous years


Eric Cross

SJSU Logo.png

Parking Manager

San Jose State University, Parking Services

“The customized landing page and real-time updates were particularly beneficial. We could easily manage parking capacity and provide attendees with precise directions, reducing confusion and improving the overall experience. This system has set a new standard for our event management.”

Streamline Guest Parking on Campus

Improve your guest experience, reduce time spent managing guest parking, and reduce your reliance on hardware.

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