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Promo Codes Aren't Cutting It...
How ODU Uses Offstreet To Easily Issue Department Permits

Like many schools, Old Dominion University set on its digital transformation journey with the adoption of LPR enforcement, virtual permits for staff and students, and mobile pay for visitors.

Recognizing department guests as pivotal stakeholders, the inconvenience of requiring their guests to input promo codes through a mobile app was evident.

ODU turned to Offstreet to streamline this process, simplifying the invitation process for departments but also ensuring a seamless parking experience for their guests.


User Success





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Katie Campbell, MBA, CAPP

Old dominion university logo.png

Interim Director, Parking and Transportation

Old Dominion University

“Offstreet has provided us with a solution that meets our needs for validated parking on campus that we could not get anywhere else. The software is robust and easy to use and integrates well with our existing products. We have received positive feedback from our customers on how easy it is to park with Offstreet. In addition, the Offstreet team is responsive to our needs and has provided the necessary support to make the product rollout a success.”


Poor Guest Experience

Guests pushed back on entering their credit card info for a $0 permit and the temporary hold contributed to further confusion

Lacked customizable instructions, making guest communication difficult 

Resulted in guests not completing the registration or doing it incorrectly, creating additional work for the parking team

Administrative Burden

Lacked flexibility to support unique permit types, events, and department needs

Billing departments for their usage was not straight-forward as the reporting available was not designed for these use cases

Correcting incorrect registrations, issuing refunds, and reversing citations created extra work for the parking team


Simple Guest Checkout

Guests are only required to enter their license plate number and the unique code given to them by their host

$0 means $0 - No transaction fees, credit card info, or holds

The whole process can be completed in less than 10 seconds, creating a better guest experience

Improved Guest Communication

Guests can create their permit from their phone in advance or upon arrival

Guest receives parking info, including GPS mapping, a campus map, and detailed parking instructions

Guests receive a confirmation and reminder email including parking details

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Offstreet Reporting.png

Easy Bill-Back Process

Host information and billing code attached to each permit for easy tracking

Up-to-date reports so ODU's parking team can bill-back each month based on the department's usage

High user success rate resulting in reduced administrative burden


Department Permits Have Never Been
So Easy

99% User Success Rate

A virtual permit solution designed for guests skyrocketed user success rates, relieving the parking team of the administrative burden from their previous process

100% Reliability

With complete access to Offstreet's Statuspage, plus unwavering support from their team, ODU can rely on Offstreet to deliver a solution that exceeds expectations

100% Satisfaction

All stakeholders are completely satisfied with the implementation of Offstreet; the parking team, department, and their guests, have had only positive things to say


Katie Campbell, MBA, CAPP

Interim Director, Parking and Transportation

Old Dominion University

Old dominion university logo.png

“We're so excited to continue our partnership with Offstreet. They have been incredible to work with, responsive to our needs, and are consistently working to improve their product in response to our and our customer's feedback.”

Streamline Guest Parking on Campus

Improve your guest experience, reduce time spent managing guest parking, and reduce your reliance on hardware.

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