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Easily validate parking for customers and guests

Reduce the administrative workload on your team by enabling businesses to self-manage their customer parking!

  • Allow visitors to register for short-term parking using a QR code or tablet
  • Enable businesses to self-manage their employee permit list
  • Convert to a fully digital and decal-less environment

Are you seeking a solution to provide hotels the ability to self-manage their guest and employee parking?

With Offstreet, all hotel parking operations can be digitized and seamlessly integrated with enforcement.

  • View active vehicles and search for vehicles registered to specific guests
  • Edit registrations to extend/shorten a guest stays
  • Utilize a full audit log to understand who made what updates and when

The easiest solution for restaurants to validate and manage their customer parking. Customers can register their own plates in just 3 simple steps:

  • Scan QR Code with camera app
  • Enter license plate number and state/province
  • Click "Park" and data sends to enforcement in real time

Campuses and operators
utilize Offstreet to simplify operations

Takuto Doshiro
Manager, Business Services
Public Safety, Cal Poly

“Every group we have pitched this to so far is super excited. Offstreet has been a game changer for our campus. Departments/colleges/clubs will save SIGNIFICANT time in sponsoring their guests as they do not need to rely on our department. The overall reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Using Offstreet gave us our time back. We now have capacity and the internal resources to focus our efforts on other priorities.”

Andy Stewart
Associate Director
Transportation and Parking Services, UCR

"Having a parking session go smoothly is extremely valuable to us. We trust Offstreet to create that seamless experience for our campus guests. I'm not typically someone who like using different vendors for different use cases, but in Offstreet's case, nobody is doing what they are doing, let alone with the level of service and care that they're doing it with."

Cameron Neufeld
Director, Parking and Transportation
University of Manitoba

"The Offstreet team has been a pleasure to work with. Their system allowed us to resolve long standing visitor parking challenges, and their willingness to customize the program to our needs has been instrumental in its success."

Michael Jones
Division Manager at Platinum Parking

"The implementation of Offstreet has provided a great solution for validations and permit management at many locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area providing a user friendly experience and a streamlined process that compliments our existing operations."


  • Department guests

  • Special events

  • Contractors

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  • Mixed use

  • Residential

  • Commercial

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  • Patients and programs

  • On-call staff

  • Volunteers

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