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Replacing Department Hangtags with Virtual Permits at the U of M

The University of Manitoba uses Offstreet to seamlessly administer department permits on campus.

The solution has allowed them to optimize operations, improve stakeholder relations and increase parking compliance across campus.


Time saved for parking team

<  10 sec

To create a guest permit


Flexibility across campus

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Cameron Neufeld

University of Manitoba.png

Director, Parking and Transportation

University of Manitoba

“We had been searching for a customer-friendly validation system that satisfied our needs, and Offstreet has exceeded our expectations. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and our partners on campus have raved about the simplicity and efficiency of validating visitor parkers virtually, from their work stations, removing all need for physical permits.”


Cumbersome, Expensive And Prone To Fraud

Difficult for staff to administer and track

$15K-$20K annual cost

Staff spent 1/8th of their time investigating fraud

Created Enforcement Inefficiencies

Not integrated with LPR enforcement

Enforcement officers have to stop and check for permits

No data available for billing or investigations

Poor Experience For Campus Guests

Required guests to enter unnecessary information

Guests had to print or pick up parking permit

Negative first impression


Parking Permit Management.png

Allow Departments To Self-Manage Permits

Departments submit event request form and receive a unique permit link

Link is distributed to guests to pre-register for parking

Departments are billed back for their usage at the end of the month

Ease of Use and Improved Guest Communication

Guests can create their permit from their phone in advance or upon arrival

Guest receives parking info, including GPS mapping, a campus map, and detailed parking instructions

Guests receive a confirmation and reminder email including parking details

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Real-Time Integration With LPR Enforcement

License plate-based permits

Real time API integration with LPR enforcement

Unlimited permit configurations and zone mapping for 100% flexibility


Simplified Workflows 
With Virtual Permits

94% Time Savings

for the parking team due to less time spent investigating fraud, an increase in enforcement efficiency, and an overall simpler experience for issuing department permits

< 10 Seconds

to create a guest permit, resulting in an easier process for parkers and departments

100% Flexibility

across campus with the ability to offer valid guest permits for any lot


Cameron Neufeld

Director, Parking and Transportation

University of Manitoba

University of Manitoba.png

“Our department's definition of success hinges on minimizing operational friction. By partnering with Offstreet, we have successfully streamlined the processes related to department permits and special events. Previously, the use of hangtags was significantly impeding our operational efficiency, adversely affecting administrators, enforcement officers, other departments, and guests alike. Our experience with Offstreet has been exceptionally positive and highly beneficial.”

Streamline Guest Parking on Campus

Improve your guest experience, reduce time spent managing guest parking, and reduce your reliance on hardware.

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