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Have Questions About Offstreet's Event Solution? We've Got You Covered!

It's been just under a month since Offstreet Events was officially released. Since its release, Offstreet Events is playing a pivotal role in streamlining event parking management.

Whether you're new to Offstreet, or are familiar with the software, we're here to answer the top questions about our latest feature, Offstreet Events, and illustrate how Offstreet may be the key to simpler operations.

1. Does Offstreet Events Track Space Utilization?

Yes and No. Usage tracking is complex, specifically when there are numerous ways that a vehicle can pay or be validated in a lot. The only information available to us comes from the registrations created within Offstreet.

That being said, with Offstreet Events administrators do have the ability to place a maximum amount on the number of parkers allowed in a lot per event. This tool provides you with the ability to check Offstreet and see how many people have registered for those spots, and automatically disables the link when the maximum number of parkers has been reached.

2. Can the Event Link Be Updated?

Yes, administrators will have the opportunity to make updates to essential event information for the duration of time until the provided link expires or until the conclusion of the event itself. This flexibility ensures that any necessary adjustments can be made in a timely manner to ensure the event's success and accuracy.

3. Can Multiple Rates Be Set Up for the Same Event?

In the first version of this feature, we only have the ability to set one rate for each event. Though, the ability to accommodate multi-day, multi-rate events is something we are currently mapping out and hoping to accommodate in the near future (this has been a big request from our customers, and we take the seriously!).

4. How Does Reporting Work?

Administrators can seamlessly run reports for one or multiple events. After events are selected from the event list, the simple click of a button will consolidate them into a single, comprehensive report. Reports feature the following key information, if applicable: event name, license plate number, start date and time, expiry date and time, confirmation number, rate, billing code, and more.

5. Do Reports Include a Billing Total?

In Offstreet reports, each row represents a unique parking session. As a result, the cumulative total will not be immediately visible within a single glance. However, it is very simple to calculate; highlight and sum the 'rate' column for the event(s) to calculate the billing total.

6. How Do We Prevent the Event Link From Being Shared and/or Abused?

Once you create the event, the link is automatically live. Each link is made unique by the use of 8 random characters so it can't be guessed - If they weren’t given the link, they aren’t going to come across it organically. The link automatically expires after the event is completed. For example, if there is an event on July 31st, come August 1st if you click on the link nothing will appear.

If an event or location requires customers to only register on site, there is the ability to have a tablet on site, where guests will then only have to interact with one piece of hardware when they arrive. The registration page would be a locked page that is directed to the event link, and the URL is not visible.

7. Does Offstreet Events Replace the Event Request Form We Currently Use?

This is on our roadmap. Right now, someone with an admin permission has to create the event, so they would enter information from the request form into Offstreet. What we are looking at adding, and what we think makes a lot of sense, is allowing departments to request the event within Offstreet, which would then go to the administrator for approval, denial, or allow the administrator to send proposed changes.

8. If a Customer Accidentally Registers Twice, Will the Host Be Charged for a Duplicate Registration?

We're not going to lie, sometimes our team receives feedback that the process for guests to register is actually too easy, causing them to register more than one time to make sure it went through. Because of this, we've implemented mechanisms to prevent the display of duplicate license plates in reports. If a parking sessions meets certain parameters (ie., same license plate number, same location, same time) it will not appear in reporting. This thoughtful design eliminates concerns about being charged twice in case a parker mistakenly registers their vehicle more than one time within a short time period.

9. How Easy Is This Feature for the Elderly Community or Less Tech-Savvy People?

The registration portal is designed to be as simple to use as possible, regardless of how tech-savvy you are. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with technology, so there are a few things that we've implemented to make it easier for all demographics, including the elderly community:

  • The process is as simple as possible; after opening the link, all guests have to do is enter their license plate number and click park

  • The event link is integrated with GoogleMaps to provide directions in advance or in real-time

  • Some guests may want the manager or administrator to register for them; this can be accomplished on site or in advance by a friend or family member

  • The ability to register for parking in advance of the event, eliminating the need to do anything upon arrival (except park!)

10. When Clicking on the Link To Register, How Does a Parker Pay for Their Session?

At this time, Offstreet Events only supports use cases that fully validate parkers for a special event. In this case, departments/hosts get billed for the parking usage for their event.

That being said, we do have the ability to support payment processing within Offstreet, so adding this capability is on the roadmap for future iterations of Offstreet Events, and can be accomplished at this time using Registration Settings. If you're interested in using Offstreet for paid events, please contact your account manager and we'll be happy to assist you with setting it up.

11. How Does the Link Get Shared With Guests?

The parking team can use Offstreet Events to create an event and generate a specific link and QR code, which is then shared with the department and/or event host. The department can then pass the link or QR code along to their guests. Typically this is done via email but there are options to implement a tablet on site, allowing parkers to register in-person upon arrival.

Ready to Streamline Event Parking?

If you're looking for a simpler way to manage event parking on campus, Offstreet Events may be the perfect solution for you! Complimenting your existing solutions for mobile payments and permit management, Offstreet Events makes administering and billing for customers who are being paid for by a third-party simple.

Offstreet Events is available to all existing customers. Learn more about how to use Offstreet Events here.

Have some questions we didn’t answer? Schedule a call with an Offstreet team member today!


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