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How Royal Parking Streamlined Visitor Parking with Offstreet

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

At Offstreet, we understand that transitioning to a digital parking environment often involves unforeseen challenges, creating a headache for parking operators, property managers, and tenants alike.

To alleviate this strain, we developed a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations to take control of their parking operations, streamline processes, and enhance the overall parking experience for everyone involved.

Today we’re shining the light on parking operator, Royal Parking, and their client, The Wooten Company, and how exactly they leveraged Offstreet’s solution to solve employee and visitor parking challenges.

“Managing and providing enforcement to parking lots that include an array of challenges including monthly, daily, visitor, and employee permits is no easy task. Our partnership with Offstreet has provided Royal a solution that seamlessly integrates with our enforcement software allowing our staff to be more efficient thus delivering results to satisfy our clients demands.” says Brock Pittman, President at Royal Parking.

Understanding the Clients Needs

In conversation with Royal Parking, a prominent parking management company based in Raleigh, North Carolina, we discussed the current challenges they were facing administering virtual permits for employees as well as digital validations for visitors.

Royal Parking was in need of a solution for their client, The Wooten Company. They required a solution that could accommodate employee and visitor parking needs while ensuring maximum control over the parking facilities and a seamless integration with current operations.

Transitioning from Physical Decals to Offstreet's Virtual Parking Passes

Prior to deploying Offstreet, Royal Parking relied on physical decals to identify authorized vehicles. However, this outdated method lacked flexibility, required constant maintenance, and put a strain on the enforcement team.

Offstreet provided a seamless transition by introducing two solutions:

  • Virtual parking permits for employees, managed by administrators at The Wooten Company; this significantly reduced the number of requests Royal Parking received and dealt with regarding employee permits.

  • Digital validations for visitors, administered through a QR code; enabling clients and guests to self-register for complimentary parking, reducing the workload for The Wooten Company staff.

Leveraging Offstreet eliminated the need for physical decals, allowing Royal Parking to move to a fully digital parking operation and ensure a hassle-free parking experience for everyone involved.

Ensuring Effective Enforcement and Efficient Space Utilization

Utilizing Offstreet and a real-time API integration with Royal Parking’s enforcement software, patrollers are equipped with up-to-date parking information and can enforce parking effectively.

Royal Parking enabled The Wooten Company to self-manage employee and visitor parking permits, ensuring that only authorized personnel are permitted to park on-site at any given time.

The Wooten Company staff are willing to take on the responsibility of managing employee permits and guest parking because Offstreet’s system is extremely straightforward. It’s easy to make small updates themselves and have the changes come into effect immediately.

Leveraging a system that is easy to use ensures up-to-date parking information; not only eliminating unauthorized parking but also optimizing parking space utilization, resulting in a more efficient parking system overall.

We are extremely excited to continue our partnership with both Royal Parking and The Wooten Company, and we look forward to helping them simplify parking operations.


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