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How To Use Offstreet Events To Streamline Event Parking

Effortlessly create event parking reservation links through Offstreet’s simple to use event parking management solution. This innovative feature empowers administrators with the ability to create and manage event parking links, ensuring seamless control over the entire spectrum of event parking management.

Last minute requests? No problem! Offstreet Events makes creating and managing event parking links simple. Here's how it works...

Creating an Event in Offstreet

  1. Click the dropdown menu for 'Events' in the sidebar, and select 'Create Event'.

  2. Configure the event by following and filling out the information step by step in the setup wizard.

  3. Upon creation, each event will generate a QR Code unique to the event link. This file can be downloaded and distributed to guests. Both the QR Code and event link will direct guests to the same event.

  4. Access a list of all events by clicking 'Event List'; View, edit and run reports for active, upcoming, and past events.

Add the Event Details

  • Event Name: In this field, add a descriptive name for your event. This will be visible to parkers who visit the registration link.

  • Event Contact: This is an optional field that allows you to include the event host's contact information for reporting purposes. Guests cannot see this information.

  • Billing Code: This is an optional field that allows you to include the event host's billing code for reporting purposes. Billing codes can be specific to a department, group, or organization. This is confidential and for internal use only. Guests cannot see this information.

Configure the Parking Rules and Location(s)

  • Authorization Zone: Choose the zone or lot where parkers for this event are authorized to park. Zones must be configured in the 'Locations' page before an event is created. For events with parking that is valid across multiple enforcement zones, please reach out to Offstreet Support for configuration help.

  • Event Dates: Each event requires a start and end date and time. Vehicles registered using the event link are only valid during the specific time period. The link will expire after the end date and time pass, preventing further use. Users can create single-day, or multi-day events. Multi-day events cannot be segmented.

Add Custom Settings

  • Maximum Number of Parkers: Limit the number of registrations that can be created with your event link. Setting this amount ensures that the total number of registrations has a limit, and will restrict any registrations from being created once that limit has been reached.

  • Collect Additional Information: Outside of requiring guests to enter their license plate number, you can also collect other information such as name, email, or phone number. Choose between an input field, where the parker has to enter their response, or a dropdown, where the parker can choose from a list of preset responses.

  • Require Code: A code can be required to create a registration for the event. The code provides proof that the guest is authorized to register their vehicle for this event. A single code can be added, meaning all guests will receive and enter the same code. Alternatively, multiple codes can be added if guests are expected to receive and enter their own, unique, code.

  • Add Flat Rate: A flat rate can be attached to each registration created using the event link. The guest is not charged, and this setting will only apply a rate internally. When a report is pulled, the configured rate will display in your report.

Customize the Registration Link

  • Add Branding: You can add branding or a logo to the event link. Files must be .JPEG, .PNG, or .SVG and will be positioned in the top, centre of the form.

  • Add Custom Messaging: Custom messaging can be used to relay important information to your guests. Your message will get added to the event link, in addition to the email confirmation.

  • Enable Map Support: Set the location of the zone or lot and allow guests to get directions through Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Android Maps.

  • Enable Kiosk Mode: Kiosk mode hides the navigation bar in the Offstreet Portal. This setting is suitable for situations where the event link is expected to be loaded on a tablet for guest registration.

  • Create Event: Clicking 'Create Event' will complete the process of Creating an Event. Once clicked, you will be re-directed to View Event where you can review the settings, copy the link, and make changes where needed.

Ready To Streamline Event Parking?

Offstreet's new event management feature simplifies pain points for administrators managing event parking. This solution enables parking managers to effortlessly transition from their current systems to a simple, digital permit.

The benefits of this fresh addition are evident, especially for events offering free or validated parking. Typically, the parking fees for such events are invoiced to a third party, which could be the event organizer, a specific department, or the host entity.

Offstreet Events is officially available for all Offstreet clients. If you’re an existing client and you’d like to book a training session, please contact us here.

Not an existing client but interested in learning more about Offstreet Events and how Offstreet can help streamline your parking operations? Schedule a call with an Offstreet team member here.


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