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Now Sending Email Reminders

In addition to a confirmation email, parkers will also receive a parking reminder 24 hours ahead of their session start time with critical ‘know before you go’ information.

Product mockup of pin dropping and directions


  • Enables parking teams to provide guests with parking directions and/or parking instructions

  • Parking administrators may use Offstreet's email communication features to provide parkers with:

    • Parking directions (via “Get Directions” button)

    • Additional instructions (“Permits valid in ‘General’ spaces of the South Campus Garage only. Violators will be subject to a $175.00 citation for misuse”)

    • An option to ensure their license plate has been entered correctly (and a contact to reach out to if it’s incorrect)

    • Proof of registration in case they get a ticket (so they can dispute it without contacting support)

  • Not only will this information be available at the time of registration, it will be sent again 24 hours before the session start time to remind parkers of critical information

How It Works:

Parker Registers…

Parker Receives…

> 24 hours before start time

1. Confirmation email upon registration

2. Reminder email 24 hours before start time

= start time

Parker receives confirmation email upon registration

< 24 hours before start time

Parker receives reminder email upon registration

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