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Offstreet Events: Here's What You Need To Know

Offstreet users can now enjoy a streamlined process for managing event parking. Several months, user calls, development work, and a successful webinar later, Offstreet Events is officially available to all Offstreet clients.

Challenges with Event Parking

In conversations with clients and partners, it was clear that existing solutions for managing event parking were not ideal, and the challenges were felt hardest by universities.

Existing solutions include administering physical permits or decals, distributing coupon codes to be used in pay stations, creating promo codes in mobile payment apps, and enforcement exemptions or lot blocking, to name a few.

A couple of things that all of these solutions have in common is that they create friction in the guest parking experience and they are not conducive to last minute requests.

A New Way To Manage Event Parking

Offstreet’s new event feature, Events, is streamlining the management of event parking by allowing parking managers to replace their existing solutions with a simple to create digital permit.

This new feature is particularly beneficial for events that have complimentary parking options; in most cases, the parking for these events is being billed to a third party, such as the event organizer, department, or host.

One of the standout features of Offstreet Events is its frictionless 'guest checkout' process, which eliminates the need for users to create an account or download an app. This streamlines the experience and saves time.

With Offstreet Events, parking managers and their teams can:

  • Access and make informed decisions using real-time event parking data and reports

  • Provide a superior, frictionless guest parking experience

  • Track utilization by allowing guests to pre-register for event parking

  • Increase profitability with no transaction fees on complimentary parking sessions

  • Increase enforcement efficiency with a secure API integration between Offstreet and their enforcement software and/or LPR cameras

How It Works:

1. Click on 'Events' in the sidebar and select 'Create Event'

2. Configure the event by following the steps in the setup wizard:

  • Event Details

  • Parking Authorization

  • Settings

  • Billing

3. Access a list of all events by clicking 'Event List'; View, edit and run reports for active, upcoming, and past events

Ready To Streamline Event Parking?

Offstreet Events is officially available for all Offstreet clients. If you’re an existing client and you’d like to book a training session, please contact us here.

Not an existing client but interested in learning more about Offstreet Events and how Offstreet can help streamline your parking operations? Schedule a call with an Offstreet team member here.

You can read more about why we created Offstreet Events here.


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