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Offstreet For Campuses: Solving Contractor Parking Challenges

The path to streamlined parking operations isn’t without a few roadblocks and potholes along the way… At Offstreet we’re dedicated to supporting our clients in overcoming these obstacles; paving the path towards a fully digital and ultimately frictionless campus experience.

One of those potholes - contractors and maintenance workers.

Campuses often require the assistance of contractors for various construction projects, repairs, or campus improvements. Sometimes these workers are restricted to parking in specific areas, but other times they require mobility across campus. Providing contractors with a simple way to register their vehicles for parking is critical.

However, as campuses move to digital operations, including LPR, it can be difficult to accommodate contractor permits, often meaning physical passes, decals, or coupon codes are kept in use, putting a strain on the campus’ path to streamlined operations.

With Offstreet, campuses are replacing paper passes, decals, coupon codes for the meter, scratch cards, and more with a simpler (but still flexible) digital permit solution.

Offstreet’s one-click virtual permit solution makes it easy for campuses to provide a virtual permit for contractors. In most situations, contractors receive validated parking for the duration of their project. For instance, contractors may be entitled to 5 vehicles on campus at any given time for a 6-month project. Offstreet’s rules engine enables campuses to set the specifics in the back end, only requiring the parker to provide their license plate number upon arrival.

It's all handled seamlessly through Offstreet - no need to download an app or enter payment information. We aren’t exaggerating when we say it can be as little as 1 click to create a virtual permit!

With an easy-to-use dashboard solution, administrators can create, share, and track contractor parking links, reducing the amount of time spent administering and managing contractor permits.

For administrators, the setup process is simple:

  1. Create a tenant for ‘Contractor Parking’

  2. Set the rules - require a code for extra security

  3. Generate and share the link

Parking management software

Offstreet aims to simplify university parking operations by addressing the challenges encountered during the transition to digital permits - streamlining the process for contractors, sponsored guests, events, and more!


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