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Introducing: Places

Updated: Jan 22

Parking directions can now be provided by dropping a pin based on a street address or custom coordinates.

Product mockup of pin dropping and directions


  • Improve the guest experience by providing an exact pin of the parking location

  • Real-time directions that can be accessed in advance or en route

  • Allows parking managers to effectively manage traffic demand, reducing congestion

How It Works:

  1. Pin(s) to a location’s destination(s) (a surface lot, parkade, zone, building) can be set in Location Details under the “Places” section

  2. Once set, administrators can choose which pin they’d like to direct parkers to in the Tenant or Event Details

  3. Directions can also be disabled in the Tenant or Event Details

  4. Parkers will see a “Get Directions” button in two places: on the Portal and in their email confirmation

  5. Parkers will be directed to a web-mapping software: iOS devices will open Apple Maps, Android devices will open Google Maps, and desktop will open Google Maps

  6. For more about how to set up and use Places, watch the video here

Who Has Access to This Feature:

  • Any users with the ability to edit a location can set an address or place for that location and its tenants/events

Want to Learn More?

Contact us to schedule a call! We will show you how to set up 'Places' in the dashboard and discuss opportunities to implement the feature at your locations.


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