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Say Goodbye to Physical Permits: Streamline Long Term Parking with Offstreet

Need a better solution for long term parkers? Keep reading to learn more about Offstreet’s digital permit solution (available to existing users at no additional cost!).

Although there has been extensive demand for flex permits post-pandemic, there are still situations that require long term parking. These situations range from employees who work in person, to board members, residents, and more. With these folks parking on site frequently, they desire a "set and forget" parking solution.

If you’re arriving on site daily, it’s a poor experience to have to register for parking every day. Offstreet’s permit solution allows parkers to register once for long term parking; creating a virtual permit and eliminating the need for physical passes.

Offstreet’s permit solution is simple to use; create permits one at a time or upload them in bulk. No need to set an expiry date or time (unless you'd like to), it is simple to delete the permit when it is no longer needed. This solution allows parking providers to shift the onus onto businesses and organizations to manage their long term permit holders.

Easily allow businesses to self-manage their employee parking permits

Employee license plate numbers are uploaded into Offstreet, with the option to add additional information such as ‘Employee Name’ and ‘Employee Number’, and sent to enforcement in real time through an API integration. This is a common use case at retail properties, office buildings, and on campuses.

A solution for board members, donors, volunteers, and other guest parkers

Create a hassle free experience for board members, donors, volunteers, and more by uploading license plate numbers in advance, allowing them to arrive without the worry of registering or paying for parking, or printing out an e-permit to display on their dash. License plate data is automatically sent to enforcement officers in the field through a secure API integration. This is a common use case at healthcare locations and campuses.

A great solution for tenant permits

With the ability to set a maximum number of permits and allow tenants to self-manage them, parking providers no longer have to respond to endless tenant parking requests. This is a common use case at residential and mixed-use residential/commercial properties.

Interested in learning more? Book a 10 min call with an Offstreet team member to see if it would be a good fit for your location - email us directly at


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