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Streamline Guest Parking on Campus!

Within the realm of campus parking operations, a common request comes from departments seeking a simple solution to provide parking for their special guests. Such requests may arise when a department wishes to cover the parking expenses of a guest lecturer or a group of distinguished VIPs for a lunch meeting on campus.

Although these requests are extremely common among universities and colleges, providing departments and their guests with a simple, virtual permit solution has proven to be a significant challenge.

The current solutions for managing guest permits often involve distributing physical passes or requiring guests to enter a coupon code into a pay station.

A few limitations with these methods include:

  • Physical passes can be easily misplaced or forgotten

  • Coupon codes require manual entry and verification which can be time-consuming and prone to human error

  • Both methods are difficult and time-consuming for parking administrators to manage

Overall, these methods, while tried and tested, continue to present drawbacks and limitations for departments, guests, and parking administrators.

In light of these challenges, campus parking teams are seeking innovative solutions to streamline the administration of guest permits, and Offstreet does just that.

Here is How Offstreet Streamlines Departmental Guest Parking:

1. Create an Event

Parking admin create an event in the Offstreet dashboard, with the ability to easily customize the day and time when the parking session is active. Generate a custom parking registration link tailored to each event.

2. Share the Link

The custom link is shared with the host department and, if applicable, sent to event attendees. Enabling attendees to register in advance makes it simple for guests to arrive, park, and enjoy the event - all while reducing traffic congestion!

3. Enforce as Usual

A direct API integration between Offstreet and the enforcement software ensures parking reservations are updated in real time, guaranteeing efficient and uninterrupted parking enforcement.

Campuses can effectively track and monitor guest parking activity, ensuring efficient utilization of parking spaces and enhancing overall campus security.

The goal is to make parking frictionless, more convenient, and hassle-free for both the departments and their valued guests.

So, if you're ready to take your university parking operations to the next level, give Offstreet a try! We're here to support your mission for streamlined operations.


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