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Streamlining Hotel Operations with Parking Management Services

At Offstreet, we know experience is everything, especially in hotel operations.

One of Parking Management Services hospitality partners, is the perfect example of how technology can be used to streamline parking operations and enhance the guest experience at hotel locations.

Utilizing Offstreet’s solution, Parking Management Services is able to digitize overnight guest parking, employee permits, and event parking passes, creating a simple parking experience for everyone involved.

Providing their hospitality partner with a digital validation solution enabled Parking Management Services to utilize a real-time API integration between Offstreet and T2’s UPsaftey product, meaning patrollers are equipped with up-to-date parking information, allowing them to enforce parking effectively, reduce parking abuse and increase ticket accuracy.

“The team at Offstreet worked with us to develop a solution for one of our biggest hospitality partners. We were able to streamline the guest and employee needs into one solution including enforcement. In the future, we are working to even further enhance the guest experience with Offstreet which we can implement to our many hospitality partners nationwide.” - Wayne Huth, Regional Director - Texas at Parking Management Services Inc.

Understanding the Clients Needs

In conversation with Parking Management Services, a parking management company based in Dallas, Texas, we discussed the current challenges they were facing providing digital validations for guests, employees, and events.

Parking Management Services was in need of a solution for their client. Their objective was to find a comprehensive solution that could effectively handle various parking requirements, including overnight guest parking, long-term employee permits, and event parking.

Through Offstreet, Parking Management Services was able to provide a streamlined solution for their client, while maintaining control over the parking facilities, and seamlessly integrating with current operations.

Digitizing Guest Parking

Prior to utilizing Offstreet, Parking Management Services did not have an easy to use validation or guest registration solution for parking. This caused issues and put a stain on the enforcement team.

With Offstreet, a seamless guest parking process was ingrained in their existing check-in process:

  1. Guests provide the front desk their license plate number upon arrival

  2. Enforcement officers have access to an up-to-date list of approved vehicles

Seems too simple? Leveraging Offstreet allowed Parking Management Services to move to a fully digital parking operation, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience for the guest.

Self-Managed Employee Permits

Parking Management Services wanted to prioritize guest parking, but after a seamless implementation they decided to tackle employee permits next.

Offstreet provides employees with the ability to self-manage long-term parking validations. Employees register once for long-term parking through a direct link. With the bonus of not having to manage paper hang tags, this solution also reduces administrative work for both Parking Management Service, and their client.

Event Parking Made Easy

Planning events can often be a stressful experience, but planning parking does not have to be. Offstreet has provided Parking Management Services a great event parking solution, freeing up their time by allowing their client a simpler way to offer and manage complimentary event parking.

Offstreet’s robust rules engine accommodates the unique restrictions of each facility and event, generating custom parking registration links for each event, allowing guests to register for parking in advance of the event while still providing the option to register upon arrival, reducing traffic congestion and providing parkers with a seamless experience. They simply arrive, park, and enjoy the event!

It’s as simple as:

  1. Set up event rules in the Offstreet dashboard

  2. Creating a link or QR code that’s unique to the event

  3. Share the link or QR code for guests to register for the event in advance or upon arrival

With Offstreet, Parking Management Services has improved visitor experience and increased parking efficiency associated with event parking, ensuring that only authorized personnel are permitted to park on-site at any given time.

Hotel Parking Operations Have Never Been Easier

The staff at the hotel gladly accept the task of overseeing guest, employee, and event parking, thanks to Offstreet's user-friendly system. Its simplicity allows them to make quick updates and the changes are implemented instantly.

This not only prevents unauthorized parking but also enhances the utilization of parking spaces, leading to an overall more efficient parking system.

We are thrilled to maintain our partnership with Parking Management Services and their client. Our goal is to assist them in streamlining their parking operations, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to do so.


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