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We're Growing! Meet Our New Team Members...

The Offstreet team continues to grow and we're ecstatic to introduce you to Dani and Shawn, the most recent team members! At Offstreet, we are dedicated to providing flexible, user-friendly parking solutions that prioritize reliability and simplicity, and we are very confident that Dani and Shawn will each contribute significantly to furthering that mission.

Danielle Yeager

Account Manager

Dani joins the Offstreet team with a background in Digital Marketing and Brand Coordination, where her exceptional skills in fostering brand growth will make her a valuable addition to the dynamic Offstreet team. Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Dani has lightened up the office with her positive and cheerful personality.

Shawn Clake

Intermediate Software Developer

Shawn joins Offstreet with a background in software development, including Co-founding startup, eHelply, which allows businesses to rapidly turn ideas into websites, apps, and other software. Shawns' experience, drive, and passion, will help Offstreet to continue to scale. Fun fact, Shawn has experience working with satellite management systems!

As our team continues to grow, we are excited to have increased resources to advance Offstreet's goal of developing world-class visitor parking solutions that enhance the guest experience and simplify the parking process.

About Offstreet

Offstreet is a license plate-based parking management software that equips campuses and parking managers with a digital permit solution for guest and visitor parking, allowing them to seamlessly offer complimentary parking. Offstreet's flexibility and ease of use allows parking managers to digitize unique permit types, replacing the manual processes associated with managing paper passes, decals, coupon codes in the meter, and scratch cards.

Interested in learning more about Offstreet? Schedule a call with an Offstreet team member today!


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