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Offstreet Revolutionizes Event Parking with the Launch of Offstreet Events

[REGINA, SK, AUGUST 11, 2023] – Offstreet, a leader in digital parking solutions, is proud to introduce its latest feature, Offstreet Events. Designed to transform event parking management, Offstreet Events addresses long-standing pain points in the industry, particularly catering to universities and institutions.

Traditional solutions for event parking management leave both administrators and guests frustrated. Offstreet Events emerges as a comprehensive solution, setting a new standard for streamlined event parking management.

Offstreet CEO Matt Fahlman expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, "Offstreet Events is a testament to our commitment to innovation and user-centric solutions. We understand the frustrations that have long plagued event parking, particularly for universities. With Offstreet Events, we empower administrators and guests alike, fostering a seamless, convenient, and secure event parking experience."

The customer and user experience takes center stage with Offstreet Events. Simplifying the event creation process and eliminating the requirement to download an app or create a user account, Offstreet Events eliminates unnecessary steps, enhancing overall satisfaction.

For more information about Offstreet Events and its transformative impact on event parking, please visit

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About Offstreet

A simpler way to manage visitor parking, Offstreet’s license-plate based parking management software gives parking managers a user-friendly platform for administering and managing visitor and guest parking permits. Unique to the industry, Offstreet specializes in unpaid permits, or those being billed to a third party. Typical permit types include event permits, sponsored/complimentary guests, contractor permits, and more.

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