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Q2 Release Notes - Have You Heard About These Changes?

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

A highlight of our favourite releases and bug fixes this quarter. Have a question? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us here.

Effortlessly Create Event Parking Sessions with Offstreet's Intuitive Event Wizard

By empowering administrators with simplicity in configuring event settings, the Event Wizard is designed to streamline the creation of frictionless guest parking experiences.

Key Benefits:

  • A simpler way to create events and ensure you've added the correct settings

  • Customizable for the unique rules of each event

  • View a list of all events in one, centralized place (goodbye cluttered registration settings lists!)

  • Generate usage reports for individual events or multiple events

  • Perform bulk actions, such as bulk removing events

Enjoy Custom Views With Our Enhanced Data Table

User-friendly data tables are crucial for Administrators in Offstreet.

We are putting administrators in the driver seat and giving them greater control to quickly sort data, narrow their search and perform tasks in bulk.

How to Make the Most of It:

  • Sort data by clicking headers

  • Refine results using filters

  • Quickly access common actions per row

  • Apply actions to multiple rows at once

Seamless Address Entry with the addition of Google Maps Autocomplete

We've added Google Maps' auto-complete to Offstreet.

Google's auto-complete will dynamically suggest relevant addresses, making the process faster, more accurate, and hassle-free.

Feel confident creating locations and enabling map support with streamlined data entry and location accuracy.

How it Works:

  1. Start by typing your address in the 'address' field

  2. As you type, Google Auto Complete will suggest relevant addresses based on the input

  3. Choose the correct address from the list of suggestions

  4. Watch as the address fields automatically populate with accurate information



  • 'Create' buttons are now more prominent

  • Buttons are grouped consistently throughout the dashboard

  • Error messages have been simplified and made consistent

Bug Fixes

  • Updated permits now properly update Valid Parker List via Pay-by-X

  • Fixed formatting issues on Data Tables

  • Improved search accuracy

Coming Up Next

  • Monthly Job Improvements

  • Improved UI on 'Dashboard' page

  • Address Duplicate Registrations in the Portal

  • Implement Pin Dropping

    • Allows admins to specify a location using Lat/Lng

  • Implement User-Editable Polygons

    • Allows admin to specify a specific zone within a parking lot

  • Re-design Email Confirmation Screen

  • Improve Email Receipts

Any questions or feedback? Reach out to us here!


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