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Technology Solutions for Modern Parking Challenges

Over the past few weeks, Offstreet has shone the spotlight on innovative professionals who are shaping the future of parking. These partners have collaborated with Offstreet to make parking operations more efficient, both for themselves and the end user. Offstreet has been proud to work on unique use cases, such as the Calgary Stampede, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Aspen & Bow, to offer customized solutions that aren't considered "one size fits all".

Offstreet is committed to providing solutions that help parking managers navigate the complexity of parking operations and adopt technology that enhances the parker experience. Parking managers utilize Offstreet to digitize paid parking exemptions, often requiring a unique solution.

Through Offstreet, parking professionals have had great success:

Calgary Stampede

Attendees no longer fear the parking experience, resulting in higher attendee satisfaction. REEF Calgary can also manage and enforce parking more efficiently than if they were to use cash and tickets.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Utilizing Offstreet's validation software, visitors and guests of the Notre-Dame Cathedral no longer have to worry about receiving tickets, and REEF Ottawa can simply manage and enforce parking with data being sent to enforcement in real-time.

Aspen & Bow

By implementing Offstreet, residents can easily provide their guests with simple parking options, and guests no longer need to worry about receiving tickets. Diamond Parking can also manage and enforce parking with license plate data being sent to the enforcement team in real-time.

Offstreet is dedicated to helping parking managers overcome the challenges of parking operations and offer a better parker experience. By implementing technology solutions, it is possible to maintain security and control over validations.

If you're interested in improving your parking operations with technology solutions, contact an Offstreet team member today to see if it would be a good fit for your location.


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